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QUESTION: the throttle was wide open
should I have pulled the fuse for the fuel pump?

ANSWER: Not necessary, you could just pull the small wires off of the coil.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I did pull the coil wires and the throttle was wide open.
As to your question, that's just it the engine seems to perform flawlessly, fires right up, takes a couple minutes for the tachometer to kick in and warm settle right around 950.
The charging system rolls up to the normal range.
Temperature giage at low end of normal range.
And oil pressure gauge at idle below 40psi.
Now that the spark plugs are gapped correctly (did this with compression test) the acceleration is crisp.
However because of all the other issues I have presented to you that were unforeseen and unaddressed by the seller before I committed the my time and dollars to addressing them I wanted to be assures the engine would at least serve me for 5 years.
I only live six blocks from work so I walk or bicycle or my main transport is by motorcycle.
Just tired of driving small Japanese cars when I do need a car.
The Jag has a certain aesthetic grace that appeals to me and I love the ride and the metal and the feel of a full size car.
So before I fix the steering rack. Find the carb fuel leak. Trace the short. Discover the source of the small pond on the floor boards and stop the resultant oxidation.
I needed the reassurance of a sound motor and cannot begin to express my gratitude for your sharing and expertise...I might have just sold it to the air quality board and recovered my investment of 1000. And never have driven a Jaguar...

Engine sounds to be ok and yes I love the way a Jag rides and drives. I live with all the little things that go wrong. Hmmmmm ! ride a motorcycle ! Cool ! your one of us. !
I love to slid sideways from my younger life racing motorcycles on flat track so I side my MGB and a TR-7 often and other small cars and after driving my XJ-6 since the mid 80's, about 6 months ago I finally got up the nerve to slid the XJ-6 just to see if I could. It handled well but didn't want to stop sliding. It was like sliding a dump truck and it scared me so I won't do it again. I satisfied the urge so no more ha!

If you sell it you will always miss it. ha!


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