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The kits are only identified by the year and model...are they all a general fit for a 175? The auto choke doesn't make a difference?

There are two types of auto chokes used on the Strombergs and one has a black plastic cover with two hose fittings and bolt in the center and three screws securing the unit to the side of the choke assembly. This is also the adjustment. Remove the three small screws securing the plastic case with the two hose fittings from the choke unit. Do not remove the center bolt in the plastic cover. As you lift the plastic unit off of the choke, you can look at the bimetal coil to see that it is not broken. The end of the coil fits over a small lever and when you remove the plastic cover with the coil you can manually operate the lever which is the choke so it is then easy to test by just manually operating the choke with that little lever.

I don't remember the other type being used on the Jags. They were used on Triumphs and were failed all the time. They used a wax filled bulb that pushed in on a piston to operate the choke and the wax bulb failed all the time.


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