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Jaguar Repair/fuel leak


On  a foray under the 1977xj6 I noticed a fuel leak from the carb area.
Any any suggestions on what to look for on the zenith strombergs?
Thanks as always,

Hi David,

There is no specific place a Stromberg Carburetor can leak. It can be from any one of a half dozen places and reasons.

We dry the area off with an air hose and then with a small mirror and a light we turn on the fuel pump and look for the source of the leak.

First check the float chamber over flow pipe to see if the float is flooding the carburetor. Then check the fuel line connection. Wipe the bottom of the float chamber and with a small mirror watch the center bottom cap for leakage. If that center cap is leaking you need to remove the carburetor and remove the float chamber and then remove the bottom plastic plug by compressing all the ears in the bottom and pushing the plug out the bottom. Then replace the "O" ring on the plug unless the plug has deteriorated and that too may need replacing.


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