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Jaguar Repair/lower ball joint grease boot


QUESTION: Hello again Howard,
Is the front crossmember acceptable placement for jackstands?

ANSWER: Yes it can be used to place jack stands but you have to be careful as the ears of the jack stand can dent the cross member or worse yet it can slide off easily. The lower "A" arm can also be used. On the Jags there are 4 lugs at the jack points on the body so I cut 4 short pieces of 2x4 wood blocks and drilled large holes in the center so the lug fit into the hole and the jack stands fit the 4 in block well.

You can use the cross member but be careful when you are jacking up the front and you place the stands in the middle of the cross member on the smooth part it can easily slide off. So be sure to hang one of the jack stand ears behind the rear edge of the cross member so it can't slide off.


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QUESTION: Think an easy out will work the sheared bolts out?
Have an inkling as to the standard the bolts were manufactured to?
USA, Whitworth, metric?

ANSWER: An easy out should work unless they are badly rusted due to driving into deep salt water. I have removed rusted bolts in other locations with easy outs. In a few cases I heated and cooled the broken stud with a oxy / accet torch several times then used a easy out.

The size of the bolts are US and you can confirm that by the head size on the other wheel if all are broken in this wheel. Metrics were never used on bolts and Whitworth was only on very old Jags and on a few Lucas accessories.


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I do hope my numerous inquiries aren't becoming tedious but I take you for a man that takes a least some satisfaction in the altruistic sharing his extensive and experienced knowledge. It is much appreciated.
In pulling the hub and rotor and discovering one bolt head wedged in the disc, another still resting in the hub, three heavily rusted broken bolt shafts, a heavily rusted and noticeable nick in the rotor, along with two freshly broken shafts I have to assume I'd been driving on only two at the most...
I also noticed the grease boot for the lower ball joint badly disintegrated and in need of replacement on both the left and right side.
Might you prescribe this procedure?
All five of the right side hub bolts are apparently intact.
If it was you,out of caution, would you replace them?
Thank you again,

Hi David,

Yes I would replace them and if you get the bolts from any other source then Jaguar I would make sure you get grade 8 bolts. The reason is that if they too were installed via a air wrench they too may be weakened so it would be wise to replace all of them just to be safe.

The lower ball joints are a multi piece and adjustable with shims so if the boots are bad you need to take them apart to see if any damage has happened due to the bad boots. The ball joints are available from companies like Engel Imports on the Internet as well as Jaguar dealers. Also Rock Auto.

Check the upper ball joints too and note the shims on the sides of the upper joints and keep them in their same position as that is the Caster adjustment. If you replace the upper joints you will need to have an alignment done. The camber adjustment is done by the shims behind the upper "A" arm mount.


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