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Jaguar Repair/rebuild kit


They seem to run from about 20 bucks to 70 bucks...some seen to have more gaskets and some less...
Any recommendations?
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Usually the more expensive kits have throttle shafts too and they are usually not necessary. You should tear them down first then order the kit. Check the throttle shafts for excess side and up down free play and if they feel ok you will not need the expensive kits. Usually just gaskets, float needle and seat and piston diaphragm. If the three screw little decell diaphragm is dried up and hard you don't even need to replace it, just adjust the screw and lock nut so as to close the valve as it is not necessary and is more trouble then it is worth. Look at the needles to see that they are not badly warn. But do put in new piston diaphragm being sure to align the tooth in the piston and in the outer edge.


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