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QUESTION: Hello again Howard
1977 xj6
Might you direct me to common causes of the above?
The door seals are all intact and in good shape.
The trunk's also and it is dry.
There doesn't appear to be any antifreeze in the mix...
Checked intake debris and hoses under bonnet clear.
Forums on this subject relate to newer models.
Also instruction for adjusting steering rack instruct to tighten adjusting bolt to resistance and backing off " a flat". Is a flat one turn?

ANSWER: Hi David,

The two most common water leaks in the XJ-6 that I have seen are the lower windshield seal leaking and causing rust in the recess that the windshield seats in mainly in the lower corners. Also water can puddle under the hood in the peddle area and leak in on the floor board. Especially if the car is parked in the rain with the front higher then the rear of the car.
A good way to spot where the leak is coming from is to put a piece of cardboard in the floorboard and leave the car sit in the rain and check the cardboard for where it is getting wet. Also look at the trough around the rear corner of the hood opening.


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QUESTION: And Howard
Your experience with a wandering steering wheel?
The vehicle does not noticeably pull but the steering wheel rarely returns to center, sometimes to the left sometimes to the right... I also found the front tires inflated to over this to intentionally hide some defect of the steering? The rears were only a couple pounds out of spec...
Thank you as always,

Hi David,

The 45 PSI can add to the wandering on the road. But there are several things that can also contribute to that. First is incorrect toe-in setting. Also loose play in the steering any where in the steering shaft, rack or tie rod ends. Don't forget the check the rubber rack mounts. Leaking oil will turn the rack bushings to mush. When replacing those bushings you should either find Urathane bushings or use the harder rubber rack bushings used on the XJ-S. Don't forget to check for any loose play in the rear suspension as that too can make a car wander.


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