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Jaguar Repair/metering needle


I see kits ranging in price from $16.00 to $65.00.
Even the most expensive do not include main needle or spindles.
Opinions, suggestions?

ANSWER: On a rebuild, I only put in what was needed so you should open the carbs up and get the kit that matches what parts are necessary.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

What indicators would determine replacement of the metering needle?
Thank you

ANSWER: Look closely at the needle on the engine side as it leans that way all the time due to the spring at the top of the needle. You can usually see the ware on the needle. If you replace them just be sure that the letter ID on the needle matches your old ones.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

The needle leans to the engine side and wear occurs there.
My needle is worn on the outside of the lean not the inside of the lean.
Like taking a nick out of a stick while whittling.
Despite which side the wear is on I suppose this implies replacement...
I also cannot locate a number on the needle.
Is it stamped somewhere?
The is also a little metal tag that was held in place by one of the dashpot cover screws that is etched or stamped with numbers...might this indicate the needle number?
Thank you

As I remember the needle is marked up on the shank of the needle. You have to remove the needle from the brass sleeve to see the letters. Tell me again the year and model of the car and I will see if my Stromberg book lists the needle. I think the small brass tab on one of the cover screws is a carb ID not the needle. There are dozens of different profile needles. Each different needle is for a specific engine not a specific carburetor.

I once received a grant from the US DOE to build an alcohol still and convert a car to run on straight Ethanol Alcohol and I chose a 76 TR-7 Triumph and I had to make my own profile needles as Stromberg never made a profile for straight alcohol fuel. The profile of the needle controls the fuel mixture all through the RPM range.


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