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Hello Howard
Received new needles from Joe Corto Inc.
Went on to reassemble first carb.
Installing needle raised some questions.
No bias in new needles.
Inquired regarding this and Joe stated it was an emissions thing no  longer applicable.
Does this negate the emmions controls?
I have to pass smog in California...
Second I disassembled the second carb to compare and it had the retaining clip/spring washer the first one did not. I acquired another for the first carb but the rebiyld kit  seems to have two different o-rings that fit the adjusting screw one is rounded edges, the other squared edges...the accompanying photo depicts an o-ring with squared edges...which is correct?
Thank you,

Hi  David,

I doubt the bias of the needle has any effect on state or local emission tests. I believe it only effected the original factory tests to be approved for the US. It may have effected the L-1 testing which I was trained to do at the Univ of Colorado. But L-1 was dropped by every state that originally had it I believe. Most cars couldn't pass it and very few repair shops had the equipment to test or make a car meet the requirements. L-1 required dyno testing of emissions.

I don't remember there being two types of "O" rings but for sure you can't put a square "O" ring in a round grove. So just remove the old "O" ring and see if the grove is square or round. You can put a round "O" ring in either type of grove.


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