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Got them of the car.Haven't torn them down yet. Throttle spindles seem a bit sloppy. The front carb has  a bushings already. If when torn down and the spindle looks good but the bushing worn can I just press out the old one and press in a new one?
Since I do not have an ultrasonic parts cleaner will a bucket of kerosine do for cleaning?
The facings seem flat enough which is good since I also don't own a milling machine.
I placed the facings on a piece of glass an tried to rock them.
Some has done some insensitive and sloppy work on them in the past according to the beat up fasteners and in at least one case didn't bother to screw it in all the way...

Hi David,

Often you need to ream out a pressed in bushing but I have installed bushings and the throttle shaft fit ok so I believe it depends on the bushing manufacture as to if it is unfinished or not. You may need to ask the vendor you are buying them from if they are unfinished.

We usually just washed carbs in a parts washer (mineral spirits) but most any cleaner works unless they are really bad, then carburetor cleaner may may be needed.

If you have a sheet of glass just put a bit of valve grinding compound on it and rub the face of the mounting flange on that and you can clearly see any surface problems and that is also your method of grinding it flat. No need for a milling machine.

Yes, over the years these cars have had many people working on them and with many skill levels so you can find anything.


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