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I did not resort to vice grips on my first attempt to remove the needle...just fingers but by my pulling might I have damaged whatever is in the housing of the needle...there seemed to be a limited amount of something stretching in the base/ housing of the needle...a spring or something in there? Did not play superman ..

Yes there is a short small spring. The needle is leaning toward the engine and that is the job of that short spring. The needle has a flange on it and does not set in the holder square. There is a tab so the spring can make the needle lean toward the engine. This makes the needle not centered in the jet so the needle always leans against the wall of the jet.

The reason is that they noted if the needle was not forced against one wall of the jet it vibrated and moved around in the jet when drawing fuel and that upset the smooth flow of fuel and thus upset emissions. That is why the needle leans against the wall of the jet and is not loose or centered.


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