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i have a 86 jag xj6 not getting fire to spark plugs fire at coil have change dibst ignamp coil no fire to spark plugs

Hi James,

The 86 XJ-6 has a amplifier mounted on the front of the intake manifold and a short wire connected to the distributor. Disconnect the plug to the distributor and take an ohm meter and test the two connections in the plug going to the distributor. The pick-up is only a coil so it can be easily tested with an ohm meter. It should read from 2.2 ohms to 4.8 ohms.
(Be sure the single bullet connector on the top of the intake manifold about at cylinder #2 is connected)
Turn on the Ignition switch and test the voltage at the (+) side of the coil to confirm 12v.

Then remove the negative wire from the amplifier to the coil and test the voltage on the (-) side of the coil with the key on and you should see 12v again. Now turn off the key and plug the amp on to the coil again and take a 12v test light and ground the clip and put the probe on the (-) terminal of the coil and have someone spin the engine. The 12v test light should dim and flicker.

If you don't get that then the amplifier is bad. The amp is expensive but if you open it up you will see a GM Amp inside. They can be bought at most auto parts stores for around $35.00. You will have to have the auto parts store match it up as I don't remember which GM amp it is.

You said you don't have spark at the spark plug. Did you check to see if you had spark from the coil ?


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