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Jaguar Repair/salvage title?


My best friend wreaked her 2006 Jaguar S type.  She ran the right side into a post for the gate access.  Her insurance said her that they would not cut her a check unless and until she got a salvage title.  I did not think that was right so they backed off quickly when she confronted them about it. They were now saying they would have to report it to the state as a salvage. Is that correct?
She has severe back pain and the Jag seats are so comfortable and I'm afraid if she gets another car it wont be the same.
The insurance is giving her 7 to 8k no matter what she decides to do.  The body shop estimate is 6000 already and that's just what they can see without taking the car apart. Would you think it was worth it to fix the car and if so why and  not why not.
Thank you so much.  Hopefully, you will answer the question before she calls the insurance company and the body shop.

Hi Gloria,

Sounds fishy to me. You only get a "Salvage title" for a car that you buy that is already Totaled. If she already owned the car when she wrecked it, she would have a regular clean title. If she fixes the car and tries to sell it then it should get a "Wrecker" title only if the car was declared "Totaled". If it were only damaged it can be repaired and nothing noted on the title. Sometimes a declared "Totaled" car can be titled as a regular title and not "Totaled" if she takes photos of all the damaged parts and all the new parts that went into it and take that to the local DMV.  I purchased a 1983 XJ-6 Jaguar from an auction and it was declared "Totaled" by an insurance company. But I questioned the "Totaled" ID and that seems to be a figure the insurance company puts on a wreck as per the cost of repair. I took photos of all the damaged parts and the new parts and the DMV gave me a clean title. If she feels that is not fair she should take all the data from the repair shop and take that to the DMV and complain since it was not hard wreck. Different states have different laws so she should first go to the DMV and complain.


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