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Jaguar Repair/testing 1977 xj6


Hello Howard,
This is where I am at.
Ran power to white wire connector on fuel tank switch.
Fuel pumps pumped fuel.
Next up the circuit is the inertia switch.
Ran power to one connector; engine cranks.
Ran power to other connector; pump pumps.
There is continuity through the inertia switch.
So this white wire is the power source but no juice to the pump switch or the inertia switch.
Looking under hood I noticed white wire connected to coil.
Tested it for continuity to inertia switch. It was good.
You say white wire leads to ignition...

There is also a green wire with plug connector that is hot when ignition is on but it is not connected to anything and I can't locate the socket connector that is its mate.
The ignition is modified with a Crane Cams xr700 electronic ignition.

Anyway any ideas? Where next?
Thank you

No David, the white wire goes to the Ignition relay #295 on your diagram, but it is not listed in the index. On the diagram it is at E-2 position on the first diagram. If you don't have power to the inertia switch then the ignition relay is not supplying the power to the inertia switch as it should. But if you look at the diagram you will see that W-1 on the relay must be grounded for the relay to operate and that ground is supplied by the oil pressure switch (#42).

You need to locate and test the Ignition RELAY. I don't know where it is on a Series I XJ-6 but on a Series III XJ-6 it is located in the engine compartment on the firewall just behind the cylinder head and is a 5 pin silver metal relay.


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