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Jaguar Repair/still the fuel issue


Hello Howard
1977 xj6
So green/yellow wire from pin 85 on relay 295 on diagram grounds on 42 oil pressure switch.
G/Y wire has continuity from end to end.
When I ground the G/Y with a jumper, fuel pumps.
When G/Y connected to oil pressure switch, no fuel.
Does this indicate bad oil pressure switch?
Thank you

That sounds like what the problem is, so all you need to do is remove the wire from the oil switch and ground it to get the pump to run then start the engine and use either a 12v test light or an ohm meter to see if the pressure switch is grounded with oil pressure applied. If you use a 12v test light just connect the clip on a 12v power source and touch the connector on the switch to see if it is grounding. Also note the oil pressure on your gauge to be sure it is producing oil pressure. It could just be a bad switch.


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