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Hello Howard,
I know we discussed this briefly before I discovered leaky carbs that needed to be rebuilt and then the no fuel issue that ensued after their rebuild, but I have one more question about doing the rebuild myself.
Upon researching the do-it-yourself option I encountered mention of the necessity of a machine shop's services.
Was a machine shop involved when you rebuilt yours?
Thank you,

Hi David,

No, there is not normally any machine shop work required when rebuilding a steering rack. You just need normal mechanics hand tools and you will need a rebuilt kit which are not very expensive. My rack was leaking and I had to order a rack kit. But I needed to drive the car while I waited for the kit to arrive. So I put some Lucas stop leak in it to see if that would help until the kit arrived. I have had several jag parts cars so I removed one of old steering racks and when the kit arrived I rebuilt the rack from the parts car. The stop leak was working so I just put the freshly rebuilt rack on the shelf until I had time to switch them out.

That was three years ago and the rebuilt rack is still on the shelf waiting for the "Stop Leak" to quit working and then I plan to install the rebuilt rack. It was and still is a shock to me.

I have rebuilt many standard steering racks in MG's and other cars while working in dealerships and I found the Jag power rack was not difficult at all. You just need to pay close attention to the order that the seals and parts come out. No special tools required. But you should get a service manual as there are a lot of shims, clips and seals in it and the book does well at the order they go in.


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