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Jaguar Repair/transmission fluid/filter change


Is this any different on a Jag than any other car with an automatic transmission?
Type F or FA fluid?
Dextron for a softer shift?
Thank you,

Hi David,

You will have to remind me what Jaguar this is. I seem to remember you had a early XJ-6 but that does not matter because the transmission in the early Jags was a Borg Warner 33 and the later XJ-6 was a Borg Warner 66. Even the Daimler (XJ-6) used Borg Warner automatic transmissions (BW 12 and BW 65) Both are conventional automatic transmissions. As I remember the book says use Type "G" which is not available in the US. So I believe all of them use Dextron as you say for a soft shift and normally use Type "F" or "FA".


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