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1987 JAGUAR SERIES 111 XJ6. washer motor is okay. the wipers only wants to work no  
matter which way you change the wires on the motor red yellow or blue. the wiper switch will only work either slow or fast or mist. only one will run.


You lost me. Do you mean only one speed will operate when you change the wires around? Why are you changing the wires around? The ONLY way it can work is with ALL of the wires connected to their correct position.

With all the wires connected correctly you have to set the switch in one speed and if it don't run you use a wiring diagram to trace that ONE circuit and only that circuit and correct that circuit only. Once it is corrected you move to the second switch position and do the same and so on to the third position and when you have traced each circuit and corrected each circuit then you check the pull up switch position to see if it wipes one time and if not use the diagram to trace that circuit only and fix it.

You must never try to fix several circuits at once and for sure never switch wires around to see what happens. Didn't I send you a wiring diagram? If not let me know and I will send one to you.

Forget the symptoms as you can't diagnose electrical faults by symptoms. The ONLY way to correct electrical problems is with a diagram and a test light.


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