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I am in need of some vital information.  My husband and I came to Jamaica via Carnival Cruise Line on October 29, 2008.  We arrived at Montego Bay and were picked up and taken to Ocho Rios by Dolphin Cove to be married.  

Now, I am wondering if it was legal at all.  I am aware that the jamaican laws state there is a 24 hour waiting period, but all wedding planners say cruise ship passengers don't have to wait the 24 hours, but cannot provide me written proof where it states this in jamaican laws.  Another thing is, they put we were residing in Pierview Ocho Rios St. Ann Parish which is a bald face lie.  Now I am having problems receiving my Veterans Disability due to my license saying I wan't living in the states.  I need to know how to void this certificate out.  My husband and I have been separated since 10/4/2010 and both hope we can find this fraudulous error a reason to find this marriage was never legal.  We were not even in Jamaican waters 24 hours, much less have we ever been to or lived in a place called Pierview.  Please help!!!!


Hi Shannon,

I am sorry but this is outside my expertise so I am not sure how much I can help you.  My first thought would be to ask who did you arrange the wedding through?  Was it Carnival?  Was it Dolphin Cove?  Was it a wedding planner?  Whomever you arranged it through you need to contact them firt and ask them the questions you have asked.  Second, when you got married in Jamaica, did you ever receive your marraige certificate?  Typically it takes a few weeks to a month to get it in the mail.  If you did receive it, than it was a legal marriage.  There isn't a town that I know of called "Pierview" but there is a hotel in Ocho Rios with that name.  

Good Luck!  Wish I could be of more help!



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