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Hi - I've read your advice to others and wonder if you can help me.  Firstly, I am british born, married a Jamaican man in Jamaica in 2006 and have been looking into getting a divorce.  My husband never came over to the UK and we haven't been together since I left Jamaica after the wedding.  We have no children or property together.  The last I heard, he was in the US, but I haven't personally heard from him for over 6 years.  I also tried the RGD website, but constantly get an error message.  I also do not have a certified copy of my marriage certificate and need to get this sorted as well.  Can you please look into what I need to do to progress this quickly, so I can move on.  Thanks

Dear Misguided,

I am so sorry about the situation you are in, and truly hope that the little bit of information I will share with you will be helpful.

1) After the Wedding, you should have received a Certified Marriage Certificate from either the Pastor who married you, or the Wedding Planner, or the Resort, or the RGD.

2) Should have received it, you should have registered your marriage in the UK.

3) Should you have not received it, then you will need to apply for new ones, and we may be able to assist you doing so.

4) Once you receive them from us, you will need to first register your marriage, and once registered, you should be able to get a divorce from the US divorce court. But all countries are different and would recommend you seek legal advise on first, making your wedding legal / register your marriage, then how to proceed with a divorce. But you will surely need a copy or copies of your Marriage Certificates.

Even if you have never lived together, nor shared a family or property (ies), you are still legally married.

We will also need to exchange personal data, and should you feel more comfortable emailing me, you may do so at weddingsbyisabelle@gmail.com

Please do let me know your thoughts and will be looking forward to hearing back from you.

Isabelle Stewart


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