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I was married in Jamaica in 1990 and have since misplaced my marriage certificate. I am from Canada and am wondering how I could go about getting another one. I also need it authenticated by the uae embassy. Do you know if there is one in Jamaica.

Dear Marilyn,

Thank you for your kind email, and would love to help you replace your Marriage Certificates. We will however need to exchange some personal information, and should you prefer, you may email me at

As for authenticating them (you are receiving 2 of them), I have never done so at Embassies nor consulates, but with our Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kingston.

Please let me know your thoughts, and look forward to hearing back from you !



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Originally from France, I moved to Jamaica 20 years ago, and am an independent Island Wedding Planner, in the Negril area. Knowing how to deal with the Legal Documents involved in all aspects of Weddings/Marriages, I also specialize in searching for Marriage Certificates that have been lost or need to be replaced as well as obtaining new Jamaican Marriage Certificates. I am also able to help those who need to deal with the Legalization of Marriage for citizens of Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, and Mexico, and more non-english speaking countries. I would love to be of assistance and can be reached via this site or by email at


Having been a Wedding Planner for over 15 years, I can answer a lot of questions, and have been very successful obtaining new Jamaican Marriage Certificates for Individuals and Professionals.

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