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Dear Isabelle,
I got married in Jamaica in 2007 but after two weeks i have returned to the Uk and since then me and my spouse have been leaving separated in the two countries, i know that in some countries after a certain amount of years of not leaving with the partner the marriage gets automatically annulled, would that be the case in my situation?

Thank You

Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for writing, and hope that the following information will be useful.

All weddings performed in Jamaica are legal, unless wrongful information was filed, and the matter should be looked into by the relevant authorities.

A record should be at our Registrar, but cannot be obtained online. However, persons needing copies of their Marriage Certificates can be obtained, either with the Registrar in Spanish Town directly (and if knowing the name of the Marriage Officer who performed the Ceremony), or via us, who work almost daily with our local Registrar Office.

Your Marriage must have been filed by the Marriage Officer who married you, and should you wish to terminate your marriage, should probably seek advise from local aid and file for a Divorce, in the UK. You don't need to return to Jamaica to do so.

I also do remain at your disposition should you have any further questions, and you may also contact me via email, at

Wishing you to have a safe evening,



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