I got married 2 weeks ago. Pastor gave me that slip that we signed. What are the other steps that should be taken to get a marriage certificate? Does my name change automatically? Is it legal for me to write on documents my husband's last name?

Dear Marla,

Congratulations on your marriage ! and I recommend you contact your Pastor and ask him if he is going to be the one applying for your Certified Marriage Certificates at the Registrar Department General (RGD) or if you should be the one doing it. Most pastors now are licensed Marriage Officers, meaning they are licensed to apply for your Certified Copies.

When you receive them, do not sign them or write on them, they should be kept as they are so they may be valid.

Should you live in Jamaica, your husband's last name is applicable upon receipt of your Certified Marriage Certificates.

If you need to change documents to your husband last name, you will be required to present a copy of your Certified Marriage Certificate. Such as passport, Identification Card, bank accounts etc ...

I hope this is helpful, and do recommend once again you contact the Pastor who married you.



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