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Del wrote at 2013-12-13 14:27:42
 From Nov. of 1954 'til Sept. of 1956, I was in the Army, stationed at Itazuke Air Base on Kyushu, Japan. I was in Co. B, 802nd Engineer Aviation Battalion. (Construction Engineers)

 Early in '55, 21 of us were sent to Shimo Koshiko Shima to dig a trench for a radar cable from the top of this island down to the Air Force Base, about a mile below. As I recall, I believe the base was about half way up (or down) the "mountain".

 I believe there were fewer than 15 permanent party (Air Force} on this "Base". They had a nice "Dayroom" with a pool table and a ping pong table, and while we were there (30 days)the local Japaneese built a nice bar in that dayroom.

 This island was small, probably the result of volcanic activity thousands of years ago. There was no "landing strip". The only "level ground" was at the beach. There were a few buildings down near the beach area and a few gardens on ground that had been "leveled". At least one of the houses was for the benefit of the airmen who were stationed on this island.

  Although I was there for only 30 days, I have many good memories of that island.


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