My sponsor will go back to there country but i still have my visa, if they give me a release paper thus my stay here will be illegal?

Hi RJ, thanks for the question.

This is actually a pretty simple matter.  If the Japanese government has granted you a visa, you are allowed to stay until that visa expires.  For example, if you have a three year spouse visa and get divorced after one year, you can still stay in Japan for the remaining two years.  If you have a one year work visa and quit the company after six months, you've still got six months as a legal resident to find a new job!

The only way your stay can become illegal is if your visa is revoked.  That almost never happens unless you have committed a crime or there are other really serious circumstances.

In most cases, you can stay until the end of your visa... or find a way to get a change of status (such as a new job or going to school) that will allow you to extend.

Let me know if you have any more questions!



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