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Good day !

I'm from Québec and I've been living in Japan since August 2011.
I have a high school degree (11 years, in French) and a professional degree of 7 months as a health care giver.

I am under a student visa since August 2012, until August 2013.
As I was applying for a work visa (specialist humanities) from December 28th, I stopped going to school on January 28th (otherwise I would have had to pay another 3000 $ of tuition fee, for another 6 months).

In February, my visa application was still in process while I decided that the job that I was working at (and that was sponsoring my visa) was REALLY crappy and that since ALT dispatching companies were hiring NOW for April and I didn't want to miss the chance, I chose to tell my boss I would quit in April.

On the same day I told her that I would quit in April, she sent a letter to the immigration office to cancel her sponsorship (very kind).

My visa application will soon be cancelled.

Have you ever heard of somebody in my situation ?

I really don't know what to do. I guess I have 6 choices, but I don't know if any of them are reliable :

1. Try to get instructor visa with experience and professional school diploma only

2. Try to get humanities visa with an ALT dispatching company

3. Try to get sponsored by a company that hired me part-time to teach its employees Business English (it's a civil engineer company, I will teach there 4hours a week from April)

4. Go to university in the evening while work as an ALT in the morning

5. Try to get self-sponsored visa in humanities

6. Open my own school

The thing is that I don't have much time, I don't want to get deported either.

Anyways, what do you think ?

Thank you so much for reading me !


 Sorry to hear about your trouble. As far as I know, things have not changed, and your visa is still valid until the expiration in your passport, regardless of what your employer says or does.
So you need another place to sponsor your next visa before it expires or else you *must* leave
Japan, or at least have your visa replaced with a 90 day landing permit before then. In which case you can hopefully get a job, leave Japan to get the new visa, and then return and continue with life.
Since you are finishing your first year, it is in theory possible to sponsor yourself for a visa
if you work at various places and meet the minimum 250,000 yen per month income requirement. You'd have to prove you have contracts at various places. You also have to handle your income taxes with the government, and that will be very important in getting your visa renewed next time as well.
You touched on another option as well - you could become a student at some school that will sponsor your student visa. Then you can work at some job with a special government permission form (really a bureaucratic formality). You're technically limited to the number of hours you could work part time, but in reality you could (and many do) far exceed that number of hours under the table, teaching somewhere or even privately.
I hope this gives you a few options.


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