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Hi KK,
My parents were married on January 14, 1969 in Naha, Okinawa.  My mother was Japanese and my Dad is American. I need a copy of their marriage certificate in order to obtain a US passport. The problem is that I don't speak Japanese and cannot find a website or any info in English.  Any ideas? Any help would be so very appreciated! Thank you,


Hello and thank you for your question.  Marriage certificates are issued by the city or town hall, so what you probably need to do is call Naha city hall.  The phone number is (from within Japan) 098-867-0111 (from outside Japan) country code 81, 98-867-0111  (dial the country code in PLACE of the first zero, not in addition to it if you are calling from overseas).  They should be open at least 9-5 (and may answer the phone after that) Japan time, Monday-Friday except public holidays.  You can check the current time on the Internet if you're not sure what the time difference is.

There are lots of non-Japanese residents living in Naha, so I am sure there are people at city hall who can help you in English.  However, Japanese people tend to freak out if you just start speaking English at a natural speed, and sometimes they might hang up on you if they think it's a wrong number.  I WANT to believe that city hall would not do that BUT, just to be safe, I would start the conversation with "Hello.  Do you speak English?" slowly and clearly.  If the person who answers the phone doesn't speak English, they should at least be able to direct your call to someone who does.

The other option would be to ask someone who lives in Naha to obtain the certificate for you.  If you know someone who lives in Naha and speaks Japanese, that would probably be easier, but if you don't, start with a phone call and see if they can work something out for you.  I hope that helps!



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