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I used to drink matcha. I recently started drinking it again. Before, I had just the right proportions of amount of tea powder and amount of water, along with temperature, how it's prepared, etc.

Right now, I am wondering about proportions again, I cannot remember what they were or what is the best way to go about it.

How much matcha and how much water should I include in the drink?

For some quick reference, I have the traditional items for preparing and drinking it.

I've tried different proportions of tea to water, yet can't seem to find just the right one that I once used, which was a proportion recommended by a nice lady at a Japan house / teahouse.

Thank you!

Well, this is pretty easily Googled:

But I think the best answer is that it's going to depend on your personal taste... the lady at the tea house may very well have given you different proportions than that website, but if you don't have any way of asking her again, you may just have to keep going with trial and error.

I am not an expert on the tea ceremony by any stretch of the imagination, but most things like this can vary according to the area and also to the individual's taste!



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