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I have to interview someone about their culture for my AP English homework. Can I interview you

Hello Juan,
This is of course one type of homework question that I can indeed help with. However, please understand that I am not Japanese myself. It this supposed to be about the Japanese culture specifically?
If you still want to continue, please post a new question and set the Private flag to "Yes" so I can send you my e-mail address. From there we could set up a meeting, for instance via Skype.

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Philip Lafeber


Are you doing business with the Japanese? Do you wonder how to approach them, what to do and what not to do? I am happy to provide some advice.


I have worked for a Japanese company for 6 years and taught myself how to work with the Japanese and also some of the Japanese language. Also, my wife is Japanese, which is why I have also learnt about Japanese in private life.

None. All based on experience.

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