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Can you please tell me what this says or means i beleave its. Rice prints thats alli no.  I.  Have. A lot of them thanks

Assuming it's actually the artist and not an artist attributing it to the original artist (I am not an art or ukiyoe expert to be able to attest to the veracity of the work), it appears to be a print of the following person, 一陽齋,  (Ichiyou Tsutsumu?) under the classification of 豊国画 (bountiful national works): http://metro.tokyo.opac.jp/tml/tpic/cgi-bin/itemsearch.cgi?iteminput011=%B0%EC%C

(This is all indicated in the signature block on the left.)

The right side reads 一名八犬傳 which is from the tale Hakkenden - Eight Dogs of the East (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hakkenden:_Eight_Dogs_of_the_East), and the block says specifically, "one name/character [of the] eight dogs tale". Reviewing the list of characters on Wikipedia, I don't recall seeing a cat mentioned, which leads me to think that the painting may actually be of a dog and not a cat, and also that I'd seen the similarities elsewhere in paintings of asian dogs.

The largest characters in the block on the right read 犬の艸紙, or "The Dog's Manuscript".

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