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I received a phone message today and need help translating what it says.  
Here is a link to the message.

Thank you so much


Sorry for the late response!  It sounds like it's from a university.  It's basically like this:

"I'm calling from Kurume University.  Is this the Brophy residence?  I'm calling to let you know I got your letter/message and I've sent you a package with your graduation certification (information).  When you get it please be sure to check it and get back to us.  Thank you."

Hope that helps!

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Any and all questions about the Japanese language. There are two ways to learn a language: academically (through books and textbooks and classes) and naturally (talking to people, watching TV, reading novels/comics, etc.). The first will teach you the "correct" way to speak the language, but only the second will really enable you to talk to the people as they talk. I learned naturally, so if you want to know how REAL Japanese people speak, ask me. If you just want to finish your homework or pass a test, I don't think I can be of much help to you.


Been living in Japan almost six years and have been studying Japanese that whole time. Have passed the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) at the 2nd level (and I intend to pass it at the first level this year). Have no problem with hiragana and katakana (basic character system) and am quite adept at kanji, as well. I use Japanese in day to day life so I shouldn't have much trouble with any topics concerning basics, fundamentals or conversation.

Mostly self-studied, but have spent about a total of four months in Japanese language schools.

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