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QUESTION: What happens when a person walks in a restaurant and says that he will try any Japanese food, but will never eat whale and dolphin meat? He has a very negative opinion of hunting whales and dolphins because of and He also says that he is thankful that it is illegal to import whale and dolphin meat in the United States.

ANSWER: Nothing usually happens because practically no restaurants in Japan serve those meats. Assuming you could convey your ideas in Japanese, you'd likely be met with a shrug and a "Who's this guy and who invited him?" look.

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QUESTION: So you do not find it offensive that a tourist in Japan will not eat Dolphin and whale meat. What happen if this person has a lot of respect for Japanese people and culture?  This man has filmed videos of Japanese people killing whales and dolphins that are broadcasted around the world on TV? He knows that not Japanese people are not like that.

This site doesn't really exist to give me a megaphone to shout out my opinions. I try to give factual information to specific questions.

Your statement implies that many Japanese people support whaling or dolphin hunting which is not necessarily a sound premise to begin with since this practice is limited to one or a few towns. Thus, if you came to Japan it would never be an issue at a reataurant or elsewhere since no one discusses or thinks about it. The only time you might encounter discussions about this would be if you visit those areas or towns and interfere with their ceremony/tradition. Or perhaps if you walked into that restaurant and tried to start a discussion with a local about it, which is doubtful since most people here don't speak English anyway.  

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