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I am working on a art project with the interest of adding Japanese characters. Could you please help me find the translation/characters for the phrase "Apart of me, but not of me." It will be greatly appreciated


I guessed by your context that you meant "a part" like "a piece"... but if you meant "apart" like "separate", please respond and let me know.

I uploaded the phrase here: case you didn't have Japanese encoding. :)

Hope that helps,

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I have been teaching myself the language for the past seven years, having consistent practice with Japanese materials. I can help translate things from English to Japanese or vice versa. I can also help you get started if you're planning on taking up the language. =) I'm most familiar with things like anime, manga, J-pop, games and so on.


I began learning the language in 1999. I frequently talk with penpals and natives in Japan, as well as continually keep up practicing with authentic Japanese materials.

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