Dear Sir,
i m confused with very simple example of Inheritance like.
class A
  int k=1;
  void show()
    System.out.println("===inside A class= Show()=="+k);
class B extends A
  int k=8;
  void show()
     System.out.println("===inside B class=Show()=="+k);
  void show1()
     System.out.println("===inside B class show1() ===");

public class Inheritance
 public static void main(String s[])
     A a=new B();;
in the above example i m making reference of superclass  to Subclass object. No i have two Question.
1-Why we Do means===> A a=new B(); Why not use B=new B(); or A a=New A();When We should do Like it A a=new B();
2-when i call; its print "==inside B class=Show()==" while it should show "==inside A class= Show()==" because as i know Reference Of A class know only A class member only.
because if i will  a.show1(); it give Error Because show1() is function of class B. and if i print a.k it show "1". why not "8" defined in Class B.

1. A is assignment compatible with B. In cases where code already uses a reference to A, you can have an instance of B there instead E.g., we can freely mix A and B instances in a A reference:
A[] array = new A[4];
array[0] = new A();
array[1] = new B();
array[2] = new A();
array[3] = new B();
for(int i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {

2. When B extends A, it has the same method, show(), as A, in which case B's show() gets called instead of A.

Fields unlike methods don't override if they have the same name, they only shadow. If you "a.k" it will go and look at class A for what k is since a is declared as an A. If you cast a reference of A to B, then ask what the field k is you will get 8. Note that casting only works if the value stored in A was actually created as a B.


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