i want code how to create a Mobile dictionary(e.g which contains medical dictionary,engineering with individual tabs for each stream)i am unable to create code will you please help me in doing this thing?
i will create the data base for each stream and i need its accessibility through the dictionary application.

I haven't done any work with mobile apps.

That being said, a simple dictionary can be implemented using a HashMap. If you want a browsable dictionary (where you can get the next word in alphabetical order) use a TreeMap.

Generally you you will have a class that keeps the data of each entry in the dictionary. That class is the value in your map, while the key is the word.

Note that if you are using a very basic version of J2ME, you may be limited to using a Hashtable instead. However, as the actual available classes for use depend on the toolkit you are using, I have to be vague.

If you plan to have a remote dictionary (which may be needed if you want it remotely updated and you have a very large dictionary), then you will want to use SQL to connect to a database and look up the definitions.


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