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Dear Sir I am Using Struts Framework (Struts 1.0.2) and i have define on jsp, Two applet tag Like below
<applet name="Signer" codebase="/opp/applet" code="SignerApplet" archive="SignerApplet.jar" width="0" height="0" >  
<PARAM NAME="submitUrl" VALUE="<%=linkUrl%>">  
<applet name="Symmetric" codebase="/opp/applet" code="Encryption.class" archive="Encryption.jar" width="0" height="0" >  

The Problem is this That Its working with the Some jre versions like but Its not working With The other JRe 1.6 versions and Never Work With jre 1.7.

So Can you Please help me How can I use These Two applet tag on jsp so its can work with All the JRE versions.

The only issue I see is that it should be code="SigerApplet.class" not simply "SigerApplet".
It is probably an issue with the application itself. You should try to use the appletviewer program to run the applet, as that will easily let you see any errors that pop up.

Also, use of the applet tag is deprecated. You should use the object as instructed here:


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