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Hi! I'm trying to create a Space class will represent the (explored) set of states as a stack. The Methods are used to add (push) a state and to remove (pop) a state. This class only adds and removes State objects, and has no knowledge about a State’s data structures or methods. So far, I have this code written but it doesn't seem to be working. This is anything wrong with this code? Thank You

class Space{
  Object [] Stack;
  int top = -1;
  void adds(int a)
     Stack[top]= a ;

   Object remove()
     return Stack[top+1];

You need to initialize your Stack to an array. Right now it's null so it won't work.

If you want to have a stack of size 10, you can:
Object[] Stack = new Object[10];

Also, I see that you have adds take an int, while remove gives an Object. You should either change adds to take an Object, or change remove and Stack to be int.


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