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I'm working on an assignment that says,
" Complete the percentTrue() method, which calculates and returns the percentage (as a double) of the number of elements that have the value true in an array of boolean values."
I have absolutely no idea how to make this method. I've done everything else besides this and I was wondering if you could give me an idea how to do it.

The percent value is (# true) / (total number in array). You can get the total number in the array with (use your own variable names):
int arrayLength = array.length;

To determine the number of true element loop over the array. If an element is true, increment your # true counter (which you define outside of your loop and starts at 0).

Finally when you do your division, you have to convert the numerator or denominator to a double value, as otherwise it will round down to 0. You can do this by defining your arrayLength to be 0 or something like:

double precent = numberTrue / (double) totalNumber


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