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I was proposed a project that sounds like this.

   Consider a set of logical gates like AND, OR, XOR or NOT. Allow for building any logical circuit by connecting such gates.
   Provide input (0/1) to a number of gates and collect the results at the output of some of the gates.
   Be able to read the description of the circuit from a file.

I was also offered an idea like.. "a single AND gate, 2 inputs and a single output. You could have something like:

public class LogicAnd extends Gate
   public LogicAnd(int a, int b, int q) {
       a_ = a; b_ =b; q_ = q;

   public void Evaluate(int[] signals) {
       signals[q_] = signals[a_]&signals[b_];

Now the difficult bit would be the order in which you call the Evaluate functions of the gates (there'll be dependances you'd need to traverse.)"

This is what I was suggested though I don't know how to shape this problem into ending somewhere. Would appreciate the help. What I have to use is Java Language. Thank you.

Assuming that the Gate class defines the variables a_, b_, c_, you can put all your Gates in an array and execute them in order.


Gate[] gates = new Gate[]
  new LogicAnd(0,1,2), //2 = 1 & 2
  new LogicOr(3,2,2), //2 = 3 | 2
  new LogicNot(3,4),  //4 = !3

int[] signals = new int[10]; //number of signals
//initial states
signal[0] = 1;
signal[1] = 0;
signal[3] = 1;
//Execute all gates
for(Gate gate : gates)


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