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I'm wanting to create software that helps people with repetitive strain injury.

Basically, the software should be able to run through a browser (through a java applet?) and automatically generate a mouse click when a user moves (and then pauses) the mouse. Mimicking the functionality of software such as dwell click

My question: is it possible to do this through browser based software? I can find resources relating to listening to mouse events in Java applets but none so far on generating mouse events.

Your kind help in clarifying whether or not such a project is possible would be most appreciated.

Kindest regards,


In order to do this you need to use the Robot class:

The Robot class require security permissions to run, and as a result you either have too:
1. Distribute your program as a downloadable Java application.
2. Sign your jar file and distribute it as a Java applet, or a Java web start applet.

An applet will appear in a browser window and only become active while a user is on its web page. If the user leaves, the applet will stop. A web start applet or java application will continue to function as long as you want and can be run without any windows or with its own window.


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