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Javascript/Jquery Slider Calculations


(for reference) I'm using this code -

I need to make a slider output 2 values instead of just one. I've searched all over online and found no help. Is this possible?
I've also tried If/Then statements with no luck. I've tried something like - If slider value = 1, then 2nd value = A. If slider value = 2, then 2nd value = B.

Do you have an idea of what I can do to make 1 slider produce 2 values?
Thanks for any help!

Hi John,

** Assuming, you are referring to 2 sliders to output 2 values rather than 1 slider to output 2 value ***

In the above example there are 4 sliders right. So what stops you accessing the value of each slider ? Such as ,


My advice is first of all you have to make sure, whether these sliders returns the values or not. To do that, use a live console like firebug/inspect element console offered by Chrome. Then in it's console tab, directly type your jquery/js code. Such as, when you drag the slider and type $("#amount").val("Type?"); and hit enter. Then the assigned value should display.

Then you can use if-else as you mentioned to narrow down to expected outcome.

** Assuming, you are referring to 2 sliders to output 2 values rather than 1 slider to output 2 value ***

If you want 2 results to set when sliding one slider, first you have to find where the 1 output being set. Then create a new hidden input field and set a value to this newly created hidden input field from the same place where the 1st value being set.

Hope it helps.


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