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Hello Kevin,
Please see this url The main problem is listed at the url, but I will clarify. Once you unlock the iPhone, you get a message screen. There are 2 message categories. When I click on the first, I would like the green box to replace the content that is there. And same with the second category. This requires AJAX, but I am not sure how to implement it. So the solution will only have an iPhone, with no boxes outside of it. Please keep in mind that there will be content in these boxes. There will also be more boxes, so I need a solution that will work for many boxes.

Hi Cody,

Thanks for your question.

Your question was a little difficult to understand. I tried to focus on what you were ultimately trying to do: on iphone message click, get the message text, and place it in the green box. What you ultimately do with the green box is up to you, but I'm trying to provide an anwer that you can run with and implement further as you wish.

Here is a JSFiddle link to your page's markup with the added JavaScript:

NOTE: Make sure you re-size the right-side JSFiddle window so that the iphone, green box and red box all line up side-by-side

Best Wishes,

Kevin Chisholm


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