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Jazz/improvisation in a jazz performance


How and when is improvisation and composition used in a (typical ) jazz performance? I looked online and couldn't find the answer to this. My instructor didn't really know too much about this, and did try looking online but couldn't find this. Thank you.

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Jazz is more of a "how" than a "what." Almost any piece of music can be played as Jazz if the musician is skilled. However, there is no set answer to when improvisation is used during the performance. Each player expresses themselves as they choose. This is one of the very reasons why each Jazz musician is unique, having their own style.

Some compositions are written as Jazz, employing musical phrases and styles associated with the genre, while other pieces are taken from sources outside that of Jazz, such as Popular Song, Broadway Show Tunes or even World Music, and then played with an improvising Jazz approach.

Here is a helpful article:

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