I have heard that you play different scales over different chords. Is this to be avoided when playing jazz with a blues form? When playing the blues form you only use the mixolydian mode and the minor/major blues scale?

And when a jazz musician say he will play a blues in C does that mean he will play in the style called jazz-blues?

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Soloing is over tone centers not the actual chords. Tone centers are where the chord progression points to. Here are a couple examples:

F7, G7, C
- or -
Dm7, G7, C

In both the above examples, the progression points to the tone center C. So choose scales that work with C.

Helpful charts:




However it is important to understand that a good player does not actually use scales as solos. We use the scale as the alphabet to build the ideas and express ourselves in soloing.  A good solo should express the feeling and ideas of the player, not just a series of scales.

If you want your solo to sound "bluesy" then choose notes from the Blues scale, or the Dorian mode. The Mixolydian is also a good scale to draw from.

It is also very important to listen to other players and hear what they do.

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