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QUESTION: My sons 2002 Jeep grand Cherokee is giving codes of p0353 and at various times codes for multiple misfires. PCM has it in a turtle mode (sorry not sure of correct term) Deffinately misfiring. But each time I clear the codes it will come back with a different cylinder misfire. Here are the steps that have been taken to try and cure the problem.
1. Crank position sensor replaced with mopar part.
2. Cam position sensor replaced with mopar part.
3. Cam synchronizer replaced with after market part. Gear showed heavy wear at center of all teeth.
4. When installing new synchronizer piston 1 was brought to tdc and hand turned to 0 degrees. Shaft slot was turned to 11oclock. Cam degree tool used to set cam sensor to 0 degrees.
5. Coil rail replaced.
6. New copper core plugs installed.
7. Checked for bare or chaffed wires to all connections involved with replaced parts.
8. Ran a can of decarboniser (seafoam) through gas tank.
9. Had the dealership run a diagnostic check on pcm. (Good pcm)
Please tell me if there is anything else I can do to resolve this issue. The jeep has never stalled but does have major misfires.

ANSWER: I take it this is a 4.7 engine?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry my fault it is a 4.0 I6

ANSWER: ok first  did u even do research to what the code 353 is?
Because if U had  more then half of what U replaced was not necessary.
The 353 is for the coil driver  U will need a volt meter  a fact one  and get a wire diagram that will show U what wire is for the 353 #3 I think  and see if U are getting the coil driver which will be a ground pulse from the coil to the PCM.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Um wow really, seems I did do alot of research. As well as taking it to the dealership and having them try to figure it out. They ran the checks and found they couldnt find the problem either. Their mechanic is the one who suggested systematicly doing these things that would also throw the p0353 codes. Even told me a bad tps could cause it to throw the random misfire codes. I see why you dont take ratings and almost guarentee you rarely get any donations.

Ok lets brake this down. First  I dont do the rattings because some people like yourself dont like the truth when I say it. So why get a bad ratting because of that. Second  a dealer tech told u to replace that stuff?   He is an idiot and does not know a single thing about driveablity and how the system works. If u payed for getting tgat info fron a dealer  go back and get your money back.  Im gonna say u have a wire issue or a pcm issue   dontour own research on the code  not what other people tell u what they think it is  or what they did. The code is the clue  look it up. If u dont like my aanswer im sorry I dont give bed side manner when it comes to parts changers that guess at fixing a car and want to get pissy when I tell them to actually look and do some work to find out there problems

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