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QUESTION: I own a 2006 Jeep Liberty that has about 83,000 miles. It has a 6 cylinder engine. Around two months ago, the check engine light came on and it was discovered that it was a 430 code; the catalytic converter had gone bad. I took it to Cole Muffler and had an aftermarket converter installed so I could save about $1000. Five weeks or so after I had it installed, the check engine light again came on. I took it to a different shop (not knowing what the problem was), and it was the same 430 code. I then took it back to Cole Muffler. Cole put my Jeep on the lift and showed me the converter. It was purple in color. Cole told me that that was not normal and some preexisting problem was to blame. They said that fuel was being dumped into the converter, causing this color. Later, I returned to Cole for more information and they told me the same story. I was told that my vehicle was 'running rough' and that my fuel was rich, and this was causing the problem. They told me that I needed to figure out what the pre-existing problem was and get it fixed, or any new converters put in would continue to go bad. They recommended a tune-up.

So, I then took my vehicle to Driver's Village and had them diagnose the problem. They concluded that the welding job done on the new converter was bad. Plus, there was a possible gasket leak. They noticed two possible leaks which they considered the cause of the problem.

I took my Jeep back to Cole and of course they scoffed at the idea that the bad welding job was the cause of the converter's failing. They continued to tell me that it was something preexisting. They also criticized Driver's Village for only doing a basic air test, and not other tests. So, I believed them and went back to Driver's Village. DV continued to insist that the bad welding job was the cause of the converter's failing and gave me a print-out which they claimed was 'proof' of this.

Yesterday, I had the new converter installed, but Cole continued to tell me that I needed to get a tune-up to avoid this happening again. They said that the pin-holes from the bad welding job in the converter would not be sufficient to cause the converter to go bad.

So, I don't know who to believe. Does this information sound like it's something preexisting which caused the problem, or would the bad welding job do it? I'll probably get a tune-up just in case Cole knows more than Driver's Village in this instance.

ANSWER: I cant really offer any help with this because I can not see all the issue fist hand so I dont know what would possibly cause it  U are getting the info second hand yourself  I would be getting it 3ed hand which makes it worse.

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QUESTION: I can't believe you had the temerity to ask for a donation after giving me that non-answer!

I guess u miss the vary first words where is says signature did ya. Its an auto responce with every question I answer so dont be upset because I can not answer a question that I have no idea what conditions the parts are in who made them  if u had issues b4 this currant issue  

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