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QUESTION: I have now owned this vehicle for 1 year.  After changing the antifreeze coolant the temperature has now began to fluctuate from 200 to 225 and the fan kick in on high to cool it down.  The temperature gauge has never moved this significantly before.  The usual was 204 to 212 MAX.  

Each time I take it a dealer I get the same response - nothing is wrong - its normal.  I know for a fact this is not normal.  

I've already flushed the system out and changed the temp. gauge.  What could be the problem?

Please help!!

ANSWER: does the temp get above 2/3 mark? if not  its not overheating. The normal opp temp will be from 210- 225 when ever the software programmers want the fans to come on. Unless u can see a digital number from the temp sensor then u are guessing to what the actual number is on the gauge.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have the option to see the digital number, the highest its gone to date is 225.  Like I said before, it never went above 212 before the antifreeze was changed.  Do you still think its normal?

ANSWER: who or why did some one change the coolant? SO if it was not an issue to start with why was the coolant changed  and if its not an issue then thats the prob the coolant is wrong  or air bubble  or wrong mix.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I took the vehicle to a tire shop to get my tire fixed. The mechanic opened the hood to fill up the washer fluid and then he also poured green antifreeze into the system. As you know this vehicle only allows mopar hoat antifreeze (orange). That's why I took it to get flushed out.

When I got the truck back there was no sign of the dealer flushing the coolant system so I decided to flush it myself. I drained the system out from the radiator peacock, and then used the correct mopar hoat consontrated antifreeze. I did a 50/50 Mix using distilled water.

In addition to when this all happened I switched engine oil from Pennsoil platinum 5W20 to Mobil 1 5W20. Could this be the reason for the vehicle to be producing more heat?

I live NY.

AHHHH  i see what you did  MMM  U did not read your owners manual  did you.
The 2013 Need OAT  coolant not HOAT   So you replaced the 10 year stuff with the 5 year stuff and decreased the cooling ability of the fluid. And the Synthetic fluid will reduce the heat  less friction.

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