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Jeep Repair/Water Pump Replacement Procedures 4.0L 2000 Jeep WJ


Ed Francis wrote at 2006-09-01 20:38:49
Hello Bill,

Patience is the key here in removing the water pump. I'd certainly recommend removing the fan shroud though, to give you some room to get your tools and hands into the right place. Make sure to seal the pump well with some sort of sealant that is designed for that application, to prevent coolant from weeping around the gasket and bolt heads. Finally, it's important to use the proper torque on the fasteners as well, to make sure that the pump is seated correctly and evenly... this also helps prevent possible leaks.

Good luck... and let us all know how to comes out!



larry p. wrote at 2014-10-26 00:40:07
the 2000 4.0 ceerekee doesnot have a belt driven is electric

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