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Callion wrote at 2013-01-08 20:18:21
Daniel: Have you had time to examine the follow-up question in context of 1 Thess4:14-18?  Reading the verse in its complete context Paul is giving words of comfort to living Christians (those ones that are alive are remain living unto Christ's coming) who are concerned about dead Christians (those ones that are dead in Christ). Both groups meet the Lord in the air together at one particular time (the sound of the last trumpet 1 Cor.15:52-54)  This is a great source of comfort for the faithful servants of Jehovah.  

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<<<>>>>If you want the word of Jehovah and his visible organization known world wide as Jehovah's Witnesses watered down don't question me,there are other fine brothere and sisters on this board ,Brother Rando,Brenton Hepburn,and Brenda Martin who are more gentle but will also not water down the WTBTS here you will get the truth undiluted,unadulterated and Brutally Honest,Just know with me I'am against all the Churches of Christendom as well as all other religions and it's false God's .Let it be known from this day forward Daniel Selinski is a Jehovah Witness and willing not only to look for sheeplike ones door to door in the snow,rain and if need be a blizzard but will knock the horns off goatlike ones opposed to our religious beliefs.I'am a champion and have proved myself against some of the most prominent clergy the world over,my spiritual Daggers are sharp so avoid me if you are opposed because you will be spiritually SLAIN.


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