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bfast wrote at 2010-11-11 22:05:48
That Melchizedek is stated to have "neither beginning of days."  As such, the writer of Hebrews is clearly stating that Jesus "had neither beginning of days." This flies in the face of the J.W. interpretation of John 1:1 that Jesus was created.

Elijah wrote at 2012-05-22 11:42:25
Melchizedek is Shem born in 2468bc just 98 years before the Flood (2370bc Nov 20 = 2-10-600) and died in 1868bc marked by the rising Venus dove-bird known as Semiramis (Shem-i-Ramis means Shem honored) whose cycle is seasonal 251 years and 502 years from the Flood (compare to 243 Julian year Venus +8 years). Pagan chronology causes Shem to die centuires before Melchizedek thus making him an unknown mystery. Shem built Salem (Jerusalem) in 2030bc on July 19 observing the rise of 74-day absent star Sothis. The Jupiter of this year returns to 12-year calendar in 1034bc for the foundation of Jerusalem's temple. Then 400 years after Shem's death to honor the 1000th year of Shem Melchizedek in 1468bc the king of Jerusalem names himself Adonis-zedek and is killed by Joshua. The 1200-year Venus cycle is noted by Ninus of Assyria who rebuilds Nineveh in 1268bc. Those who say this is not in the Bible should look at all the trash lies they claim about Nimrod which are not in the Bible. Odd how the bad guys can be trashed with a multitude of lies by people whpo pretend righteousness and will say the extra stuff of the good guys is all unproven pagan tradition of them.

Elijahovah wrote at 2012-12-06 02:39:56
Ninus (1268bc) is not only a 600-year half-cycle of 1200-year Venus from Shem's death 1868bc and Shem's birth 2468bc, but Ninus 1268bc is also is also twice 251-year Semiramis Venus from Nimrod's death (1770-1268bc)as is Shem's 502 years from the Flood 2370-1868bc to his death. Another evidence of Melchizedek being no specific person is that Noah was the king of righteousness greater than Shem until Noah died. Then Shem died and so many thought Nimrod was greater. Though Nimrod appeared to be reckoned as the king of righteousness after Shem died, it is also true that many glorified Nimrod when Noah died for then creating the Pharaoh (a whole house of kings) to replace the dead Noah. Many felt this made Nimrod our new Father. Thus others saw it an insult to Shem's existence, or competing. christ versus anti-christ. It should be noted that Christ is a pagan Greek word for the Messiah because Christ comes form Christos or the spirit Xisuthros who claimed to be the dead Noah, saying he ruled before the Flood.

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