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I have been dating a guy for a year. I met him on a local dating site. He never said that he just wanted to be friends. We progressed, fell in love and have been intimate. After a year I was curious about why I had not met any family or friends. I pressured him and he finally told me he is a practicing JW. He has been living a double life as it were. I was shocked. We had celebrated his birthday and he NEVER said a word!! He is not baptized as a JW but wants to. I am catholic. I fell in love with this man so completely. He sez he still loves me too but that we cannot marry. Im not sure how we can continue to be together. But I cant seem to walk away. I have been reading about JW`s and do not want to convert. He sez he is not struggling with his beliefs but his actions say otherwise. I dont know how to help him or if I should bother. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

Hello Donna,

I am sorry to hear that your going through this. I'm not sure I can give the right advice but I think alot of love and patience would be thre key to turn things around.

You are correct though saying that he is living a double life which goes to show that he is not truly a die hard jw. Just be patient and leave it in Gods hands for He is the only one who can move the hearts of those who He loves.

I will pray that the Lord will work all this out for you and him so that you can move on in your relationship without any hurdles.

Most love in Christ!


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As a former Jehovah's Witness, I feel I can answer most questions that are presented before me, however; there are those that have been in the higher-up positions that can better assist those who inquire what goes on at the headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesse's. If I can't answer a question, I will be honest enough to admit so. I'm not here to be a critic of the members but rather to expose the WTBTS for who and what they are and of course to show the heresy in their beliefs. I love the members for I truly believe that they are seeking the truth, unfortunately they have been blindsided and manipulated by this Organization. Being a former JW, I know that they're very good at spirtual warfare (as I was), and are highly trained at it and it seems that they have all the answers, but rest assure; if it looks good on the surface beware of that wolf in sheep's clothing. Keep in mind; a true believer in Christ should be recognized from how he speaks from the heart when sharing in God's word. For those who truly seeks God's face are those who go after His heart, His Living Word, which is in Christ and no other!


My experience in this area is coming from a third generation Jehovah's Witness back-ground, being one for 40 years myself. And ever since the Lord received me in February 2010 at the age of 41, He was preparing me for this ministry to not only have and show Christ love to current Jw's but to also be strong in faith that He has given me when going up against the heresy they offer before the world. I started sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the JW's back in October of 2010 on a different site and now He has me venturing on another path, which is here on this forum and what an honor it is at the age of 43. Although this can be a very frustrating ministry, I thank the Lord for giving me the strength to carry out His will through me, and not to mention the other chidren here, who He works through. I know now that what I have been through was for His greater good and as a result He has equipped me for His purpose! I'm not interested in seeing any results for it is God who searches and knows the hearts of man and it is He that draws all men to Himself! Glory to God for His mercy and grace to all, especially to the JW's that come out and are rescued! I soley and truly read and rely on His Living Word for understanding, knowledge and wisdom and thank Him daily that I can obtain what I have through His Spirit! As a former JW, all of my understanding, knowledge and wisdom came from the WTBTS and now I realize that anything outside of Gods word is just that...outside!

My former education is that I was one of Jehovah's Witness for 40 years. I lived, ate, and slept the Organization. I was trained in the bible as a student as well being trained so that I could be an effective ministerial student. The funny thing is this; I have put in countless hours in the field ministry, but looking back, I personally never brought anyone into the religion. I thank God for that! My education and credentials now is that I am a believer in Christ and that I only stay in His word and rely on His Spirit for truth. I now realize that He is all that I need for anything and everything, especially when it comes to spirtual knowledge, but I do not have all the answers nor do I want them. I have totally subjected my life to Him although I'm not what I should be. Yes I fail Him, but I do find much comfort in that no matter what I do against His will, I will always be forgiven for it is really hard being a Christian even though I try daily to walk in His righteousness. I love sharing in His word and I'm so thankful that He has called me for this ministry. Since God is for us, nothing can stand against us, and that includes going up against heresy with the WTBTS. To the questioner's and (if) readers; please realize that the Lord see's fit to use me how He chose, so if you're looking for someone who is gracious with words and highly educated with a degree or two, don't waste your time asking or adding to. I am simply a child of God's who ask for the Spirit each and everytime that I get on here, to give me the words. I give ALL glory to Him and Him alone for all that I am today and I find great comfort in knowing that in the days/years to come, I will grow in Him even more!

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